I am 23 years old and  have suffered from blemished skin for the entirety of my entire life (utter AA meeting parody). And by blemished, I mean the all-encompassing:

- Blackheads
- Redness
- Oiliness
- Oversized Pores
- Acne

That's an awful lot to have on your plate and it's certainly an awful lot to tackle when skincare products seemingly only ever target one issue at once and the very vast majority of time, they can't even do that well.

While I've suffered through blemished skin, I've only just started to do anything about it. And I already regret the years I have wasted not consulting this sooner.

So I've become a tad insatiable.

And I need to keep some record of what worked, why it worked, my skin changes, application methods and reactions in order to elicit some kind of sense and hopefully help someone else. 

It's important to remember that all skin is different and product that may work wonders for me, may unfortunately be useless for someone else. Disappointingly, that also goes visa versa.

I will only be reviewing products I have purchased myself and the verdict will only be made after finishing the full-size version (unless there is a very negative response to the product in question). No samples or trial versions will be reviewed here.

Questions I currently need to answer:
- When should you start using anti-ageing products?
- When is SPF care needed?
- Natural ingredients vs. chemical?
- Do face masks actually work?
- What types of eye cream are available?
- Should you remove any make-up or skincare products before exercise?