Saturday, 27 June 2015

La Roche-Posay Effeclar A.I. is just tops for blemishes

Think French pharmaceuticals, think La Roche-Posay. The skincare and make-up dermatologists that specialise in targeted treatments for sensitive skins. The Effeclar A.I. is a targeted breakout corrector, designed to target localised imperfections and prevent residual marks. Neat, right? Actually, this product is very neat...
To get the bad business out of the way first, /dilemma/ I almost decided against uploading this review as I was a little embarrassed that I couldn't get the nozzle applicator onto the tube. That's right. It is impossible to screw the white head piece onto the tube. Why it comes as a separate component is anyone's guess, so I admitted defeat with that one. Thankfully the cap that comes with the product will also screw onto the tube, so I was able to keep it air tight.

This may be the all-time best blemish treatment I've ever used. When La Roche-Posay say they specialise in products for sensitive skins, they mean it! I can't even feel this lovely thick cream touch my skin. That's wonderful. It's non-drying, non-abrasive and non-tingly. Dream, dream, dream. I apply this product twice a day (AM/PM) along my jawline and my skin is left nourished, blemish-free and cared-for for the entire day.

It's a very rich cream, which is nice, as you get a lot more mileage from a small amount of product. It spreads exceptionally well, meaning that the 15ML tubes goes a lot farther than I'd expected. The cream massages into skin without leaving behind a trace or a smell. This cream is literally incognito.

Gradually over time (I'm talking a few days here), this product reduced the inflammation of my blemishes until they disappeared. It was as though they were subtly being erased from my skin. The pain of my blemish was gone, their redness was gone and my skin was feeling smoother and healthier.

Once it has removed all blemishes from my jawline, it continued to prevent the return of any further blemishes. I am now as clear as I have ever been, not to mention how soft and well nourished my skin now feels.

This products is absolutely Essential. While yes, it is small and relatively expensive, it lasts longer than expected (depending on how frequent/how much you use), it is the most effective product I've ever used and has definitely become a staple.

La Roche-Posay Effeclar A.I. can be purchased from Boots for £10.00 for 15ML. The manufacturers listing can be found here.

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