Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Anti-imperfections with La Roche-Posay Effeclar Duo (my hero!)

Continuing on with my venture into the ever delightful French skincare brand, La Roche-Posay and their Effeclar range (for the review of Effeclar A.I. please click here), I've been trying my hand at the Effeclar Duo, and I've got to say, it's every bit just as good.

For me this product fell into a confusing category of what stage in my routine do I even apply this? It's not quite as moisturising as a moisturiser - though it states it can be used as one, and it's not quite as rewarding as a serum, so it kind of falls in the middle.

To start, the product sells itself on getting to work in just one day. That's an awful big brag, right? Actually, it's got every right to brag. This product got to real work in just 2 days for me. Blackheads. That's where it spun its main magic. After 2 days, a really severe blackhead that has been troubling for a while, literally just fell out of my face. It pushed its way through the skin so that I could literally just pluck it delicately from my cheek. I know, I know, graphic, TMI. But it was gone and it was painless.

I only had 3 blackheads in total, but they were large and bothersome and far too stubborn to remove. Now I have zero blackheads. It took 18 days in total for the blackheads to naturally dislodge themselves with a little push and shove from Effeclar Duo

But it doesn't just stop there, oh no. Effeclar Duo labels itself as anti-imperfections. I wasn't entirely sure what that meant. But, I have several raised skin blemishes. Scars/warts/moles (gross, I know), that sort of thing. Though they aren't entirely visible to anyone except me, I've always been dreadfully self conscious of them. With each passing day I noticed these raised blemishes start to smooth out, then reduce in size, then eventually vanish entirely.

My skin has never been smoother, clearer or less blemished and it's all thanks to this one little magic tube.

But it isn't all rainbows and sunshine... It hardly ever is. This product has an extremely thick gloop-like texture. It's extremely greasy and leaves a film-like residue on the skin. It doesn't absorb and it is certainly very obviously. So you will have to prime. Sorry. I know, it's a big pitfall. But the results are so bloody worth it.

I went through two tubes of this stuff and used it AM + PM for 2-3 months. To the end of the three months, my skin kind of didn't really need the stuff any more. It's the sort of product I can pick up and apply as and when I need it. I am so grateful to how this product has changed my skin for the better and it will definitely be the first little product I call on when I'm in need of a skin saviour. It's essential, sure, but only as and when.

LA Roche-Posay Effeclar Duo can be purchased from Boots for £15.50 / 40ML.

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