Sunday, 22 November 2015

All Beauty, No Beast: Rosalena Oils Beauty & The Beast Facial Oil

Rosalena do only all-natural, clean, botanical beauty, and boy, they do it so well. Their blends of naturally occurring oils are a divine mix of luxurious ingredients with powerful results. Rosalena's truly indulgent range of oils offers the ultimate way to moisturise, delivering long-lasting hydration in only a few golden drops.
Beauty & The Beast is a vitamin-loaded facial oil catering for both the Beauty & The Beast of the house. Believe me when I say, I couldn't let my partner anywhere near this oil, I wanted every last scrumptious drop for myself. While that could paint me in a selfish light, he certainly admired my wonderfully rejuvenated skin, so really, win-win!

Oils are, hands down, my favourite way to moisturise, and the Beauty & The Beast keeps me exceptionally hydrated. This sunglow yellow oil is hydrating, toning and rejuvenating, helping to keep my skin fresh, moisturised and looking stellar. All I need is just 2-3 drops to cover the whole face and jawline, applying a little pressure and massaging in circular motions, this lightweight oil absorbs right in and gets straight to work.

As someone who suffers with redness and inflammation, Beauty & The Beast surprisingly manages to balance and calm my skin, resulting in an equilibrium for both skin tone and oil production. An all-round skin balancer. This nourishing oil provides an even complexion and optimum hydration, keeping my skin balanced and oil-free throughout the day.
The ultimate oil for hydration and rejuvenation, loaded with antioxidants and skin beneficial ingredients, the Beauty & The Beast really is all beauty, no beast. Just a few luxurious drops of this magical oil is enough to provide healthier skin. With a lovely sweet, fruity, almost citrus-like fragrance, Beauty & The Beast really is rejuvenation for both the skin and the senses. Being ultra-hydrating and readily absorbed, this darling little oil makes for the perfect complement to my oily, inflamed skin.

Rosalena very graciously included a generous sample of each of the other three oils they offer, and I must admit, after trailing them all, I'll be investing in The Rosalena Collection this week. All four of these divine oils provide everything my skin needs for an unmatched hydrated, balanced, radiant complexion.

Beauty & The Beast can be purchased from Rosalena for £38.00 / 15ML.

Disclaimer: I purchased Beauty & The Beast myself, and I'm very much of the opinion that that's money well spent! 

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