Saturday, 14 November 2015

Origins Original Skin Retexturising Mask With Rose Clay Really Does Retexture Skin To Its Original Smooth And Flawless Condition

What a concept! To retexture skin to its original flawless texture. For someone with congested skin, oversized pores, blemishes and irregularities, it's the kind of thing I'd roll my eyes at and ask to pull the other one. So can you imagine the spit take when I discover a mask that delivers smoother, supplier and retextured skin? The Origins Original Skin Retexturising Mask With Rose Clay manages to be both a face mask and an exfoliatior; an expert resurfacing combination that really does achieve that flawless skin.
Origins' latest mask is a gorgeous pink little number contains active rose clay, Canadian willowherb and jojoba seeds to help provide that flawless look. Rose clay is a gentle way to extract impurities. This soft, sticky clay barely hardens, it remains gorgeously wet and hydrating when left for the 10-20 minute treatment. A little unusual for your typical clay mask, this mask manages to draw out impurities through its sticky texture, as opposed to the hardening and drying of clay. As a bonus, I use a cleaning cloth to remove (as I said, this mask can be a bit of a tough cookie), as a little boost to the exfoliation factor.

The added (and plentiful at that) jojoba beads helps to aid exfoliation on, ensuring that pores are unclogged, skin texture is resurfaced and any impurities are removed. The delicate jojoba beads are soft and natural circular seeds that gently move along the skin's surface aiding renewal. Everything about this mask is delicate and nurturing, transforming even my sensitive skin into a healthy complexion.

Original Skin is perfectly descriptive of what this mask achieves. Offering that youthful skin texture, skin is smoother, supple and healthy. Impurities are removed, skin is decongested and pores are emptied, creating a true silky smooth surface. My skin is left clearer, clarified, balanced, calmed and flawless. 
The floral scent of the rose clay is subtly sweet. It's a fragrance that endures, so for the 10-20 minutes during the treatment I can continue to experience this relaxing and calming scent. The clay is cool and wet when first applied, then begins to warm - in quite a comforting way - without any of the tingling that comes with a typical clay mask.

Origins Original Skin Retexturising Mask With Rose Clay has been an expert skin treatment to keep my skin soft and supple. Whenever I feel congested, Original Skin is what I reach for, whenever my pores are clogged, Original Skin is my first port of call, whenever I what clearer, more clarified and balanced skin, Original Skin is always there in my hour of need. This mask really has become my saving grace, providing me with such well-conditioned skin that I never imagined my face could attain.

Origins Original Skin Retexturising Mask With Rose Clay can be purchased from Origins for £23.00 / 100ML.

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