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Alice & White Botankia Eco-Chic Subscription Box January 2016

The Alice & White Botankia January Box delivers yet another amazing selection of luxurious, natural, eco-chic cosmetics. This month is themed around all-things English, providing a collection truly divine skin and haircare all from masters of natural beauty. 
From L-R: the box contains the following natural English beauties:

Swell Advanced Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner

The first two parts to the three-step process is the Swell Advanced Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner. Created by two of the UK's top hair stylists, Swell provide a unique collection of natural high quality haircare for those with thinning and and fine hair. That is exactly the category I fall into (thank you hereditary hair loss), so I found these products naturally piqued my interest.  

Using Swell's signature Root Nutrient Complex, the Volumising Shampoo is designed to create stronger and healthier hair by nourishing roots with a complex blend of eighteen active botanical extracts. I can definitely vouch for the stronger part. I have had less strands falling out when brushing, my hair has been cleaner for longer - far less prone to oiliness, and my hair has a certain uplift to the roots. I really do like this shampoo. While the smell isn't the friendliest, I love how thoroughly clean my hair is, with the desired volume offered from this lightweight cleanser.

As for the Volumising Conditioner, you really need just the tiniest, tiniest drop to see you through. This is a very heavy conditioner, and if you over-apply, you may find it a little difficult to thoroughly rinse out - I know I did. As someone with very long hair, I find I go through conditioner twice as fast as shampoo, but with the Volumising Conditioner I am able to make it go the distance because I only need to use very little. This conditioner is creamy and thick, coating hair once more in the signature Root Nutrient Complex, helping to moisturise and nourish my hair and providing me with very healthy ends. 

Swell Advanced Volumising Shampoo is available from Swell for £7.00 / 50ml (or £25.00 / 250ml here). The Swell Advanced Volumising Conditioner is available from Swell for £7.00 / 50ml (or £28.00 / 250ml here).

Mel Mills Phytonutri Rose Hydrolate Mist Tonic

As we're all well aware by now, I am a big fan of facial mists, and the Mel Mills Phytonutri Rose Hydrolate Mist Tonic might just be my favourite yet. This elegant blend of organic waters and oils delivers unmatched hydration. One-to-two pumps of the refreshing tonic provides my skin with all the moisture and hydration is needs, instantly reviving dull and fatigued skin to nourished and healthy.

Used post-cleanse, this divine mist helps to rebalance and support skins natural pH levels, providing skin with the moisture it so desperately craves. It soothes and tones, helping to balance any redness and revive any dullness. Its quick absorption rate totally prepares my skin for further applications; anything that follows the Mel Mills Phytonutri Rose Hydrolate Mist Tonic penetrates deeper and is far more effective.

You can bet I will be buying this gorgeous organic face mist time and time again.

Mel Mills Phytonutri Rose Hydrolate Mist Tonic is available from Mel Mills for £15.00 / 30ML, or £22.00 / 50ml here.

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser

As one of my favourite brands of all time, Aurelia Probiotic Skincare have done it again with their Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser. I was certain this luxuriously rich moisturiser wouldn't gel with my oily skin, but how wrong I was. This product is just beautiful. Lightly whipped and delightfully creamy, the Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser is a very rich moisturiser indeed. Containing a list of free-from ingredients, including probiotics and essential oils, this moisturiser is exactly what my skin asked for, and my skin usually never asks for Shea butter. 

While rich to touch, this moisturiser fells anything but heavy when applied to skin. Heavenly nourishing and delightfully absorbent, my skin feels the power of this moisturiser instantly. It feels supportive to skin, helping to protect and nourish throughout the day, providing healthier and hydrated skin. 

Their is the subtle yet desirable dewy glow after application, making my skin appear almost luminous and highlighted. Don't mistake that for greasiness, as it's a completely natural looking radiance that gives my skin the appears of freshness, youthfulness and good health.

A. S. Apothecary Cleansing Oil #5 and Cleansing Cloth #1

Made in a small distillery in Sussex, A. S. Apothecary create some of the finest all-natural artisan skincare available. Their Cleansing Oil #5 and Cleansing Cloth #1 are testimony to that. Arguably, one cannot exist without the other, as it's always best to remove cleansing oils with a physical cloth (and this might just be the best one you'll use yet), and it's always best to remove make-up with a cleansing oil - these two are like two peas in a cleansing pod.

I found the scrumptious Cleansing Oil #5 to be quite viscous in consistency, almost like a honey-syrup. As I massaged this thick, rich oil into my skin, I could feel how nourishing and nurturing it was. I knew I was in safe hands. This warm oil soothes and nourishes as it cleanses my skin, there's quite a comforting sensation to it really. I feel like my skin is being gently cleansed in the most delicate way. There's is no stripping, no drying, no tightening, there's nothing but nourished and healthy skin in its wake. 

The Cleansing Oil #5 is also incredibly powerful at make-up removal. Make-up almost disappears as it effortlessly just wipes it away. It provides the ultimate cleanse, being clearing and refreshing all without damaging the skin.

As for the miniature Cleansing Cloth #1 (I already have the full size, which is a far better fit), this hand-knitted crochet pure cotton cloth is the perfect match for removing cleansing oils, all while providing a mild exfoliation. Hand-crocheted by a friend of A. S. Apothecary (Anne Seaton), each cloth is custom made with a double stitch to provide that exfoliating texture and endure countless washes.

This gentle cloth is just incredible when it comes to product removal. It just takes the product - whether that be the cleansing oil or my make-up - fully away. There is no residue or need to wipe repeatedly, everything is just effortlessly removed in one clean sweep. It has an interesting feature of drying the skin after clearing. The cleansing clothes I tend to use leave my skin wet, but the Cleansing Cloth #1 leaves absolutely no water behind, meaning I can go straight into the next step of my routine.

The gentle bobbley-bits of the cloth offer a very gentle exfoliation, helping to clear and decongest the skin. Its texture also encourages circulation, helping to revive the skin and allow the following steps in your routine to be far more effective.

A. S. Apothecary Cleansing Oil #5 can be purchased from 
A. S. Apothecary for £39.00 / 25ml. The A. S. Apothecary Cleansing Cloth #1 can be purchased from A. S. Apothecary for £7.25 / 1 Cloth. 

The Alice & White Botankia Box is an all-natural monthly beauty subscription box which ship internationally from Sweden. Their are different price categories to choose from, starting at 249 SEK per box, plus 100 SEK for UK delivery (somewhere around £29.00).

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