Sunday, 28 February 2016

Re-review: {SIMPLE as that} TONER

I feel as though I have committed an injustice. Two weeks back, in my post Australia; What I Bought, I reviewed the {SIMPLE as that} TONER and, in short, had nothing pleasant to say about it. I was very, very wrong. After sharing my blog post on Instagram, {SIMPLE as that} got back to me, expressing that my skin really shouldn't be reacting the way it was. The main ingredient, Organic Rose Otto Water is known to refresh, revive and tone this skin. Nothing of the drying sort. Naturally, I blamed the Witch Hazel for the drying effect, but {SIMPLE as that} mentioned the toner contains only the tiniest amount. 

Back to the drawing board it is then.

I returned to my bottle of TONER - what little I had remaining - and shook it like my review depended on it (because it does). After shaking vigorously and reapplying, I had none of the previous drying sensations. None, whatsoever. In fact, now I really rather like it. This has flipped from something I couldn't use, to something I can't be without. 

While it informs you to "shake" the bottle before use, you really do need to aggressively shake this toner. It contains just 3 organic ingredients (Rose Otto Water, Witch Hazel and French Lavender Oil), making it really quite simple as that. I blame some bizarre separation process that caused the difference between shaken and unshaken, as once correctly mixed, the toner becomes a real delight to use.

As I said in the previous post, I haven't used a physical toner in the longest time and I've really wanted something to feed that longing. When shaken correctly, the {SIMPLE as that} TONER feeds that longing and leaves no room for dessert. This gorgeously simple toner proves super effective. Simply transfer some of the toner onto a cotton round (or similar) and swipe across the face. I instantly feel revived and refreshed, as though someone has kickstarted my skin into functioning.

The toning effects are unmatched, skin really does feel clearer, cleansed and revived. I feel as though someone has hit restart on my skin. The {SIMPLE as that} TONER is testimony to the delights of simple and green skincare. You can  certainly bet I'll now be trying more from this brand.

{SIMPLE as that} TONER can be purchased from {SIMPLE as that} for $24.95 AUD / 100ml. Alternative, a list of available stockists is assessable here


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