Monday, 16 February 2015

Lush: Grease Lightning

Shop: LUSH

Price £6.40 / 45g


Rating : 4/5

I was initially going to give this product 4.5/5. That is so almost nearly top marks. You know, I like this. I super like this. And it super works. But after 3 weeks of solid use, I came to realise that this is not a solution, this is an investment and therefore plummeted by a whole .5 points. (In hindsight that might be a little unjust)

While I've never really been one for teenage skin - thankfully - I have been one for large, stubborn, under the surface spots.  These only really feature along my neck and jawline and are impossible to remove, as they never break the surface or form a head. Enter, Grease Lightning

I accidentally fell into a spiralling LUSH obsession after receiving three soaps for Christmas. Now, after discovering they also offer skin, hair and make-up products, I cannot leave the stop without a bag full of deliciously fragranced cosmetics. 

Amongst those many cosmetics is the Grease Lightening Spot Treatment. It is one of the only products of this type they seemed to offer, so my hands were pretty much tied into purchasing it...

The product comes out in an oddly non-stick type gel. It has a slick consistency, the kind of texture that never really gets any purchase, it just kind of sits there and gets pushed around a little - meaning, the entire blob can fall from your fingertips in the distance it takes you to move your hand from the pump-action mechanism to your face. 

I massage this product into my jawline to get a full coverage of the problem area. After the product has dried and set, I find that it can flake and peel. This proves extra problematic if it comes into contact with foundation or powder. Making you look both dry and dusty, but hey, at least you don't have acne now.  

It smells. I can't deny that. I don't like the way it smells. I definitely can't deny that. It has a savoury, earthy scent, like falling into the scenery, face first, and then sniffing up, I guess. But it's not a lingering scent, no way.

I've found that the majority of other spot treatments can be very harsh and overbearing to skin. Especially so in sensitive skin. [Chemicals], I guess. This is not like that one bit. This is light and safe and super kind to skin. 

Grease Lightning got to work in quite literally one day. When I woke up the following morning my spots were visibly less red and about half the size. After just half a week, the majority of the spots have disappeared altogether. Two weeks later I gave my neck the all clear, it was good to go. I feel my neck and it doesn't feel like me (having a cylinder wrapped in nice skin resting under my head is a feeling I have to get used to).

I stopped using the product for several days, thinking, "Hey! I'm spot free now, I don't need to treat them any more!" Wrong. They came back and they came back big. It looks like I've bought in now, and I'm staying in.

It's good. It works on me. It is super easy and super effective and I will continue to use this. But I will only continue to use this until something better comes along, unfortunately. 

  • Fast working and effective
  • Kind to skin
  • Leave-on treatment
  • Gel-like consistency makes it difficult to apply
  • Peels off, making skin appear flaky
  • Only a temporary fix
  • [Subjective] Oddly scented

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