Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Kiehl's: Rare Earth Collection

Shop: KIEHL'S SINCE 1851
Rating: 4.5/5

I had never even heard of Kiehl's. It was only by utter circumstance that I ever encountered the brand.

I was in Venice, early January, when I happened by their shop in San Marco's Square. I was drawn in by the skeleton in the window, the lab coat clad shop assistants and the cabinet of products labelled 'Dermatologist Solutions'. That's it! This veneer of science-y imaging must mean there's some real weight behind their claims! To my surprise, I didn't know just how right I was.

I told the assistant about my troubles and she data scanned my face and found within her the politest way possible to say "Your skin is an utter travesty, darling". She pointed me towards the Rare Earth Collection which is designed for oily skin and oversized pores. She gave me a sachet of the cleaner and a sachet of the face masque and sent me on my considerably merrier way.

I tried both products later that evening. Now, I don't believe in love at first sight, especially when in involves my temperamental skin and very expensive skin care, but I could not have had a more positive experience with these products. I instantly felt their benefits, I instantly fell in love.

I have now purchased the entire Rare Earth Collection (cleanser, tonic, lotion and masque) and use them daily (all but the masque).

Price £18.00 / 150ML
Catagory: CLEANSER 

This is a cleanser that needs to be used with water. It's almost moose-like in texture. I massage and massage this into my face until it's appropriately foamy. It feels just truly wonderful on the skin. I can actually feel how clean my face is becoming with each touch. And after removing all of the product with water, my face feels clean, not the bad squeaky clean, the good soft and supple clean.

It's quite a cooling and fresh product to use. I do squeeze quite a sizeable tube of product into my hand in order to get enough coverage over my face. It's important to be very gentle when washing, I find this product gives softer-feeling skin if you apply it in a softer-feeling way. I concentrate it mostly along my T-zone, massaging in circular motions.

Price £18.00 / 250ML
Catagory: TONER

I was a little confused when the label read 'TONIC', but I understand now that this might just be a nineteenth-century way of saying 'TONER'. 

Oh. My. Goodness. This product is utterly unbelievable. I didn't know what it felt like to be matte until I used this product. It sweeps away every trace of dirt and oil and leaves my skin looking precisely how I have always wanted it to look. But. And this is a big but. 

[These effects are temporary] 

I've had my skin stay matte, and stay put, for about 2-3 hours after use. This isn't to discourage, this is to give this product some credit. This isn't designed to mattify, this is designed to minimise pores. And it handles that a heck of a lot better. 

Without leaving my face feeling tight, this toner managed to firm up and refine my pores. I can visibly and instantly see the difference before and after each use. You're all right, toner.

It's important to shake the bottle well. The Amazonian White Clay (the not-so-secret ingredient) will congregate at the bottom of the bottle, it really needs to be mixed in to take full effect. 

Price £26.00 / 75ML
Catagory: LOTION
URL: http://www.kiehls.co.uk/skin-care/by-category/toners/rare-earth-pore-minimizing-lotion

This product completes the entire Rare Earth Collection. While the toner is still wet, smooth the lotion into the skin then leave it to dry. This completely and entirely does exactly what it says on the tin. My pores have never looked so small, the bigger pores are actually laughing at them now.

This is a light-duty product, that, once dried, can no longer be felt on the skin, but its effects can certainly be quantified. I only use this product in the evening as to not overload my skin during the day. 

It is important to note that this is not a moisturiser and there sadly isn't a Kiehl's moisturiser using that famous Amazonian White Clay. 

Price £21.50 / 125ML
Catagory: FACE MASK

I'm not such a big fan of face masks (or masque, if you'd rather) as I'm a little sceptical about their long-term benefits. Maybe I'm not using the right ones, maybe I'm not using them in the right way. But I used this, and you know what, this is... okay.
This is super soft on skin, in a really non-harsh way. It doesn't even crack because I don't think it can crack. It gently hugs your skin and then delicately glides away when it comes to washing. 

While that's all well and nice, but I don't really notice it doing anything. I feel like I could continue my regime without it and really not know any different. But perseverance is key. Masks are only to be used 1-2 times a week, so maybe this is one for a longer haul.

I will keep my scepticisms aside and push on with this product, hopefully, towards a less-pore-obvious face.

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