Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Palladio: Rice Paper Tissues

Blotting is the only realistically portable and effective quick-fix measure. For me, oil is inevitable, and the only reasonable way to combat it, without lugging my entire skincare regime in my handbag or pants pocket, is blotting tissues. And these are about the most compact tissues of them all.

This tiny little cuboid of oil slurping rice can slot into just about any purse, pocket or even brazier, and if not, its lightweight cardboard packaging will allow you to crush it on in. 

The blotting sheets come in three shades of Translucent, Nude, Warm Beige, which seems like unnecessary variety to me, especially when the rice powder on these tissues has very little presence. 

One side of the tissue is sheer, this is the side used for blotting, and the other side of the tissue is dusted with rice powder, which will also be dabbed onto the face, working similarly to that of loose or pressed powder.

Taking the sheer side, I press it gently onto my forehead, nose and cheeks, moving the paper as I work. The paper will instantly pick up all grease and oil and your face will mattify like that. Next I take the powdered side and dab that gently along the same areas to finish.

Unfortunately, the powder is a bit sparse, and in some cases, there are blank tissues. But this is okay. The blotting alone is powerful enough to reduce oil.

Generally, one tissue will be enough to cover my entire face and clean up all oil. I will usually only have to do that once per day. On occasion, I have used these tissues three times in one day. Bear in mind there are only 40 sheets in a packet and average just over 11p per sheet. But blotting sheets are essential. There is no going back. Tissue paper will just not cut it. It feels disgusting and is ineffective. 

Surprisingly, these blotting tissues smell absolutely divine. It makes me enjoy using them all the more. It's a very mild, edible scent which lasts on skin after use.

Scored Effective, repurchase. I am enamoured with these tissues as there are 100% reliable. I can be reassured that using these tissues will remove all traces of grease and oil. However, I will keep my eyes open for a more effective powdered base, purely to compare the results with and without.

Palladio Rice Paper Tissues can be purchased from Beauty Naturals in Translucent/Nude/Warm Beige for £4.50 / 40 Tissues (UK Retailer). For the official listing, Palladio Beauty. 

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