Sunday, 29 March 2015

Origins: Spot Remover and Super Spot Remover

I sincerely think I missed the hype-train here. Why all the fuss? These products seem to be severely overpriced. Sure, they might effective, but... so what? 

Now, I like Origins, their products feel nourishing, caring and and oh-so good for you. But they are a premium brand. And we all know premium is synonymous with price (£££) and size. The former being way larger than we'd ever like and the latter being something that actually does matter. 

I heard a lot of claims about how small the Super Spot Remover Gel was. And yes, they were all right. This thing is super miniature. A really disappointing kind of miniature. 

A dinky soft plastic tube with a twist cap. The small hole in the top allows you some control over how much product is released. But as always, gravity and applied pressure work their magic. As you sink lower into the tube, you'll really need to turn it upside down to get any product out. While it's a squeezable tube, it still becomes quite difficult to remove the desired amount. I've often over-squeezed and with a product like this, you literally can't afford to do that.

You apply a small amount of the Super Spot Remover Gel to your blemish - just enough to cover. Depending on which part of my face I applied it to, I would often get a stinging/tingling sensation. Usually around the forehead and cheeks - the jawline and neck suffered no such nonsense.  

The gel will dry on skin after several minutes, after which, it forms a translucent, yet shiny, film around the applied area. This can be a little noticeable. Especially if worn under face make-up. I tried liquid, compact and loose powder foundations on top of the skin and found that the shine penetrated through and clogged make-up around these areas. 

It definitely is effective. It's more than efficient at reducing redness and inflammation, taking as little as several hours to get to work. For sizing down, this thing's got your back. But for actually clearing skin, I didn't notice any particular improvements. While a blemish may appear smaller, it wasn't removed any faster than it would have naturally. 

Generally, the gel tended to turn larger red blemishes into whiteheads, which has literally never happened to me before - referring to blemishes on neck. Which I was then able to remove the good old-fashioned between-two-fingernails way. *squeems*

The Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Pads come in the most over-sized jumbo container ever. When compared to the Super Spot Remover Gel, it's almost comedic. The joke being that this thing doesn't work. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Inside this large - and very tacky feeling - cylinder, are 60 pads, to be used once in the morning and then in the evening. Simply wipe away your blemishes! I'm not really sure why I trusted that wiping my face with a damp piece of cloth was ever a good way to truly benefit from the active ingredient? Blemishes be gone! Or not. 

I really didn't notice any change in my skin. Using one pad both morning and then evening, which are really just not large enough to make sure you cover the entire face without reusing the same section, I felt no change in the behaviour or the appearance of my skin. 

This product doesn't leave any kind of feeling or residue on skin. However, the pads do remain drenched in whatever that not-so-special formula is, right to the very end. Every cloud.

Super Spot Remover Gel Scored Effective, don't repurchase. While the gel is effective at reducing the appearance of redness and inflammation, it has no special results that warrant such an ungodly price tag. 

Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Pads Scored Ineffective. There were no quantifiable or noticeable results from using this product.   

Super Spot Remover Gel can be purchased from Origins' in-store and online for £15.00 / 10ML. Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Pads can be purchased from Origin's in-store and online for £24.00 / 60 PADS. 


  1. that's too bad, i've never tried origins but i always hear such good things as well

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Origins is definitely worth a try (if you can part with the pennies). This is just a bit miss for me. It's a very small pot which delivers a very small result.

      However, I would praise Origin's Modern Friction™ and GinZing™ Energy-boosting moisturiser every day of the week (reviews pending).

      There's still hope yet!

      - Lucy x