Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Baresome, Now with Pinterest!

I've been living in the Pinterest button drawer for a little under 2 years now. As a professional artist, I have many boards related to all things art, design and tutorials and many secret boards related to all things beauty, skincare and make-up. The latter of which, really isn't applicable to my main audience, so I keep it as a secret catalogue for any products I want to put on my wishlist.

This is where I've really missed a trick.

I recently read London Beauty Queen's post: "The Social Slot: How to Utilise Pinterest for Your Blog and Grow and Audience". And, well, quite frankly, it made me feel like a dummy. It explains how LBQ uses Pinterest to direct traffic to her blog. Foot traffic aside, I really shouldn't be hiding my pins because they don't suit my main audience. I should just make a Pinterest catered towards my beauty/skincare/make-up audience. 

The way I worked my secret boards was similar to that as a wishlist, storing my favourites then removing any pins which I had later purchased. Now I will be keeping all my pins and placing any purchased products into an additional boards, linking back to any reviews published here.

Hopefully this will also serve as a guide to anyone hoping to find products for skin needs similar to that of mine. A head start, if you like, before I'm finally able to save up the £165.00 I need for the Crème de la Mer: The Oil Absorbing Lotion. Race you?

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