Sunday, 9 August 2015

LUSH Moisturisers: Enzymion and Imperialis - Not Highly Rated

LUSH Moisturisers... I'm still undecided on this one. Do I like them? I'm so unsure. They have some very common traits that seem to feature amongst all of the LUSH Moisturisers. While I have only purchased Enzymion and Imperialis from the line-up, I have tried Gorgeous, Celestial and Vanishing Cream samples. They are heavy (yet somehow watery?), greasy and not very effective. I guess that wraps up the whole do-I-like-it thing then. The answer is no


Enzymion - the one that is designed for oily skin. Its definitely not designed for my oily skin. In fact, the ingredients are so not what my oily skin needs. Ever. The main ingredient is Cocoa Butter. This is a natural emulsifier that is generally used to moisturise and condition dry and irritated skin... What? Sure, it's nourishing and conditioning, but why is this featured as a star ingredient for this moisturiser. If I'm missing a trick here, someone please enlighten me!

Next up, this thing likes to brag about the fact that it includes a whole freshly squeezed lemon in every pot. Again, what? The thing with lemons is, they are highly acidic. These things are generally used to exfoliate and brighten dark marks. The issue being, that due to their high acidity, they are going to disrupt the pH balance of your skin. This results in over compensating oil production!

Why does my oily skin want any of this? It doesn't. Which is precisely why this thing don't work. 

A note on the fact that this moisturiser is super watery. This is never good for me. Sure, that means it spreads great, but it's so thin and watery that it just slips right off the skin. And because it is watery, it just doesn't hydrate. If anything, it leaves my skin feeling dehydrated and exposed. I am certainly not left to feel moisturised with this moisturiser (ho, ho, ho). It's a moist definitely a nothing product.

So we've established that the ingredients are just nonsense, the product isn't moisturising, it's very dehydrating. Could there actually possibly be anything else wrong with this thing? Yes. Of course there is. It doesn't bloody control oil. Surprise, surprise...

As has already been said, the moisturisers are greasy. From first spread, these things are greasy and it only gets worse from there. It both feels and looks greasy, and since it doesn't control oil, I'll become gradually more slick with grease as the day goes on.

You guess it, I couldn't continue using this thing, I hate this thing, I will never be purchasing this thing again.


Imperialis is one for the combination skins, for the skins that can't quite make their minds up and don't really know what they need. I know my skin type, and it's not combination, but I often tend to foray into products aimed at combination because I generally find them a little more hydrating, and this one is hydrating, hooray! 

The thing is, we're now dealing with both Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter, which are both high up on the ingredients list. This means, we're looking at super nourishing ingredients (that's great, no complaints there), but super buttery and oily textures which aren't compatible with my oily skin (that's not so great, definitely complaints there). 

But, you guessed it, greasy once more. It's greasy going on and remains greasy through the day. But there's on key difference between Imperialis and EnzymionImperialis actually makes my skin feel comfortable and hydrated. I like it. It's one my skin sometimes craves.

I tend to use this product before exercise, to keep my skin hydrated without being suffocated and before applying a particularly dry face mask, to make prevent my face from becoming painfully tight afterwards.

It really is quite refreshing, it's fairly soothing, it's nourishing and hydrating and it smells absolutely wonderful. While it doesn't control oil, it's one I use in situations where I'm not entirely fussed about oil control and want to feed my skin with a little hydration.

Enzymion can be purchased from LUSH for £14.50 for 45G. Imperialis can be purchase from LUSH for £13.50 for 45G. Happy moisturising! 

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