Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Lovely Ones: Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner and Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

For those of you who read beauty blogs on the regular, these are two little gems that will not have slipped under your radar. Call it saturation, call it exposure, but after all the positive reviews of these things, I just had to try them for myself. Mission accomplished, right?
Trilogy are a natural skincare brand, sourcing the purest of natural plant oils and botanical extracts. They are big on natural beauty, big on animals and big on conservation. We certainly can't knock that. But, most favourably, they are big on rosehip. It's in, like, everything (well, nearly everything).

The Hydrating Mist Toner is a really gentle and hydrating way to tone and moisturise the skin. Follow this up with the Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, designed for dehydration and scarring, and you've got yourself the perfect duo for keeping your skin healthy and revitalised. 

Hydrating Mist Toner

Now that I've segued from traditional astringent toners to their far more kinder cousin mist toners, my skin has been happier, calmer and healthier. I've never looked back since and the Hydrating Mist Toner is certainly a product to keep in your quick-hydration-boost arsenal.

If there is one thing that can be said about this, and the clue is certainly in the name, this is very lovely and very hydrating. After cleansing, I instantly want some moisture on my face to protect me. This is the quickest way to deliver that. Spray, spray, spray, hey-presto! My skin can breathe and relax. It's definitely best as a quick pick-me-up. The kind of thing now, that I would use throughout the day, as opposed to in my real skincare routine. But that's not a bad thing, as it's definitely something to keep to hand.

When it first comes out of the bottle, it is (un)surprisingly wet, but it also (un)surprisingly dries very quickly. Ideally, I'd like to use this to help carry/distil my oil or moisturiser, but as it dries so quickly, there's little chance of that. This is why I think it's more of a through-the-day pick-me-up. As it dries quickly, you don't have to worry about moisturising your face, as you'll look pretty fresh afterwards.

While it says it's a 'mist', it's more than a little fast and fierce to come out. The product itself is really gentle, but it likes to fire out the nozzle in a way that took my by surprise. The toner will shoot straight onto your skin instead of falling quite gracefully like the BLOOM HYDRATE did (review here).

The scent is fresh and light and certainly very mild. It's not at all distinct or memorable, and that's fine. But it certainly detracts from this being an aromatic experience.

I won't knock this thing for it's ability to hydrate, it's certainly good at that. It's just a little weak everywhere else. The ferocity, the scent, the quick absorption rate. It caters more for a handbag than a cabinet essential.

The Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner can be purchased from LoveLula for £17.50 / 100ML.

Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

Now this oil, this is the oil our faces have all been waiting for. While it's primary design is to combat dehydration and scarring, it's oh so much more than that. It's hydrating, nourishing, soothing, smoothing, calming, revitalising and a super-duper food for the skin.

The Certified Organic Rosehip Oil comes in a small glass bottle with a pipette. The pipette is actually the most functional one I've used to date. It hooks around slightly at the tip to help prevent and oil from coming loose and accidental spillage. Neat!

This is the first ever facial oil I've been able to use that I can wear for an entire day without needing any other cover (other than SPF, if I'm headed outside). That's right. I don't need to use a primer over this to control oil, I can go super au naturel and no need to worry in the slightest.

I'll only use 2-3 drops of this baby to cover my face. It spreads really quite well but absorbs really quite fast. But that's great, an oil that doesn't leave me oily and prevents further oil? It's the perfect restoration for my skin's moisture balance. While it comes out of the pipette all orangey, it doesn't stain the skin in the slightest.

This is absolutely essential nutrition for my face. My skin feels healthier and looks healthier after using it. I needn't worry about dehydration or oil control, I feel comfortable and fresh and I feel very, very nourished.

The Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil can be purchased from LoveLula for £16.50 / 20ML.

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