Monday, 17 August 2015

The Not-so-Lovely Ones: Trilogy Cream Cleanser and Blemish Control Gel

I don't like these products. There, I said it. I had a very, very bad experience with both of these things. Admittedly, one of the products was just faulty and can't be held accountable and Trilogy have rectified that by sending me a free Everything Balm (a kind gesture, I know). But these products are bad. Just bad.

As we know, cream cleansers are one of my favourite ways to cleanse, outside of oils and balms. But the Trilogy Cream Cleanser just plain hurt. It left me dry and vulnerable. As for the Blemish Control Gel, well, let alone the struggles I had with getting the product out of the tube, this thing was very slow to get to work.

These products just did not sit with me.

Trilogy Cream Cleanser

At first glance, I thought I liked the Trilogy Cream Cleanser. It's quite light and thin for a cream, which means it spreads a lot easier and further than others. Yet, once it's massaged in, it begins to thicken-up, behaving more like the traditional cream cleansers we have come to know and love. 

Once it gets thick, it gets sticky, and sticky is when it gets to work. It very effectively cleans the skin and picks up grime. I did not like to use this to remove make-up - I'll stick to oils, thank you - but it was effective at cleaning and clearing the skin. Furthermore, I absolutely loved the way this felt on my lips. It was so conditioning and nourishing. So hats off, for that.

But now we get to the faults. In my books, anything that makes your skin feel dry is a fault. This champions in dry. As soon as I've rinsed away the cleanser and towelled off my skin, I am hit with the horrid sensation of dryness. It's a tough old thing to make oily skin feel dry, but my face - specifically my nose - is left with the burning sensation of aridity. It's actually quite painful. Even after using face mists and facial oils, it's honestly quite difficult to replenish that moisture. 

Dryness and irritation. This, of course, then results in my skin over producing oil to compensate. I don't blame my skin for that, actually, I welcome it. Like I said, it's really quite painful to feel dry and in moisture-lust. 

The Trilogy Cream Cleanser can be purchased from LoveLula for £16.50/100ML.

Blemish Control Gel

Let's get the whole, this-product's-packaging-was-faulty thing out of the way first. This product's packaging was faulty. I think the responsibility might lie with the ingredients and I can peg it down to either the Hectorite Mineral or the Xantham Gum, both of which seem to be used as some sort of thickening agent. Possibly crystallising and hardening during temperature changes, causing them to expand and block the passage. 

The nozzle would frequently become blocked. I could relieve the blockage by gently massaging the tube. The trouble is, when you relieve the blockage, it very quickly comes firing out, three times as much product than you intended. So I burned through this thing, and fast. Or slow, if you count that it took ages to actually access it. 

The Blemish Control Gel itself isn't actually all bad. It's a gel, and as gels go, it's not in the slightest bit sticky. When it dries, I can't feel it or see it on my skin. But, it's runny. That's great because you get good spread, but it also makes it a little messy. There's no real accuracy with this thing, so if you want to target particular areas with it, I wish you good luck.

It's a really gentle little gel, I felt absolutely no discomfort when using it. That's a bonus. But it's quite a slow burner. It takes a considerable time to reduce inflammation and even longer to reduce the size of a blemish. Don't get me wrong, it works, but it likes to take its time about it. 

The Blemish Control Gel can be purchased from LoveLula for £12.50/20ML.

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