Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash: The Ultimate Cleanser for De-Gunking Pores

There are two words, which, without fail, always make my skin crawl. 'Face Wash'. There, did you feel it, too? 'Wash' often implies sulphates, surfactants, chemicals and all manner of harsh foaming agents designed to strip my skin of all its natural oily goodness.  But, with a 98.7% natural formula, Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash manages to create a gentle and moisturising lather which effectively clears skin without over-stripping. 
In order to create that lather, the Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash contains decyl glucoside and lauryl glucoside (both natural sugar-based co-surfactants), which are both derived from coconut and fruit sugars, used for their foaming and conditioning properties. The way this cleanser foams is unlike any other, as it is bound inside the lovely moisturising gum, which aids in the retention of skin's moisture.

When I say foam or froth here, I'm not talking about bubbles and suds, I'm talking about a gentle creamy lather that leaves a gum-based residue. The cleanser has a sticky gelatinous quality to it (a parallelism to which, I'm not going to draw out loud), but when it is activated on skin it becomes soft and slick, like a nice thick mousse. The gummy consistency leaves skin supple, instead of the usual tight and stripped sensation given from other foaming cleansers.

Now, this is where Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash really comes into its element. This cleanser is absolutely bloody brilliant at de-gunking pores. My pores literally transition from grey and clogged before use, to clear and empty after use. Any build-up or grime that is trapped in my pores is instantaneously and gently whisked away effortlessly, leaving me with the ultimate clear complexion. This is the most effective face wash I have ever used, bar none.

When it comes to removal, the cleanser is partially water resistant, meaning water appears to just slip off. So, this is another job for our friend, the trusty flannel. I have used this product around eyes, but they were closed tightly. It is recommended on the tube to keep eyes firmly shut when using. Those are explicit instructions. You've been warned.

The scent of this product is fairly chemical. It has a somewhat acidic, burnt fragrance to it that is fairly unpleasant. Not unpleasant enough to stop me from using it, but it's definitely something to be aware of. However, when you weigh up a few fleeting moments of a disagreeable scent, versus utterly unclogged skin, there's only one clear winner here.

As you might have guessed, this is definitely something I want in my routine. It's clearing, moisturising, cleansing and the most effective product I've found for unclogging pores. Essential.

The Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash can be purchased from Balance Me at £11.00 / 50ML. Alternatively, a value size is available at £16.00 / 125ML here, and a sample size at £3.50 / 15ML here.

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