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#MissionEmpties Week 02: Halfway Checkpoint

We're halfway through the #MissionEmpties Challenge and I have been storming through my empties. Admittedly, the majority of products here were part-way used, trail versions, or virtually empty to begin with, but that's still one less product cluttering my shelves. 
For the most part, the products listed here were just wonderful, and I'm glad to have given myself the opportunity to finish them off. However, there are one or two featured that I felt were a little pointless, so I'm honestly glad to see the back of them.

Mádara Brightening AHA Peel Mask £20.00 / 60ML (Sample Available: £5.50 / 12.5ML here)
This product was featured in the Naturismo Cleanse & Polish Discovery Box, giving me the opportunity to try my hand at my very first peel, and you know what, this is not half bad. I was frightened at first, believe me, mask-based acid exfoliation was always something I figured my skin would be far too sensitive for. Actually, this product is super gentle. I literally couldn't feel it on my skin. It caused no tingling, no redness and no irritation. It is a very thin peel, once dried, leaves behind a thinly layered film to be removed. It has a very cooling and refreshing sensation; it's very soothing to wear. With 99% natural ingredients, it offers a brighter complexion, providing that lovely glow for when my skin is behaving dull and lacklustre. This is definitely something I will be trying again full size. Effective, repurchase.

Skin & Tonic London Steam Clean £27.00 / 50G (Sample Available: £11.00 . 15G here)
Also featured in the Naturismo Cleanse & Polish Discovery Box, the Skin & Tonic London Steam Clean is perhaps my favourite cleansing balm of all time. It is silky smooth, gliding onto skin in the most nurturing way. It melts away just divine, turning into a thick, yet breathable, oil that effectively dissolves make-up and removes grime. It needs to be removed with a cleansing cloth, thankfully it comes supplied with an Organic Cotton Cloth (£3.90 / 1 PIECE), which does a wonderfully good job of removing the product and gently exfoliating. Spearmint and thistle are definitely the strongest scents of the 6 organic ingredients listed here, giving a lovely fresh and renewing sensation. As it's a balm, it's very hydrating and moisturising, leaving skin undisturbed but effectively cleansed. Will I be picking up a full size? You bet'cha! Effective, repurchase.

Still in the Naturismo Cleanse & Polish Discovery Box, the Green People Fruit Scrub Exfoliator is a delightful little scrub that can be used on either face or body. Free from microbeads, this 88% organic scrub effectively exfoliates and softens skin, creating a glowing complexion while helping to retain skin's moisture. The natural granules are neither too harsh or too weak, they effectively exfoliate skin without causing any irritation. The cream is super spreadable, helping to carry the scrub, and has a somewhat fruity yet somehow bitter fragrance. Effective, don't repurchase.

Lanolips are most certainly one of my all-time favourite brands. I have loved each and every one of their products, and this has to be my most favourite of them all. Featuring natural lanolin (the wax from a sheep's wool), this forms a protective barrier around skin, allowing it to retain moisture and repair. This balm is just so wonderfully hydrating; my dry skin is instantly relieved. While buttery in colour, it blends in lovely, making skin feels suppler and softer. The smell is just so gorgeous, I can't get enough. Absolute Essential.

This oil is intended for combination and oily skins to help balance oil. Unfortunately, I find the scent just too overbearing and pungent that it is not something I can justify keeping on my face. Instead, I use it has a body oil. Waste not, want not. It's a very thick and heavily oil, but it manages to absorb into skin effectively, leaving behind a wonderfully natural glow. It's actually fairly dry in that respect, it isn't in the slightest bit sticky and it doesn't transfer onto clothes. However, as the facial oil goes, I have to score it Ineffective. 
I received this product as part of the August drop of the LoveLula Monthly Beauty Box. This box is usually always a big hit with me, but unfortunately, having to blanket match such varying skin types, the products aren't always suitable. This is one of those occasions. At 23, I don't need anti-ageing skincare, but I tried it anyway. YOLO. This serum has a very liquid-y gel-like consistency that spreads effectively, but has a slight stickiness to it. It has an ever-so-slight tingle to it, with no visible skin changes other than leaving a fresh sensation. I am dismissing this review as it is Not Suitable for my current age category.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil £21.50 / 200ML (Sample Available £4.50 / 30ML here)
This is one of the first oils to get me on the oil cleansing and double cleansing bandwagons (full review here) and it still has a solid place in my heart. This wonderful bottle of golden liquid features a pump-based mechanism, making it super easy to control and use. The oil is incredible for removing dirt, oils and heavy make-up without any real effort. It does not irritate eyes and it is super easy to remove with water alone. It leaves no residue and skin remains hydrated after use. Effective, don't repurchase.
This is a product I thought I loved. At the time, I did (full review here), but having used so many better face masks since, I find I just don't have a liking for this any more. It's a white powder that needs to be mixed with water to form a paste and then applied to the parts of skin that are affected by blackheads and sebacious filaments. It then extracts any gunk from your pores, with a pulling power similar to that of a clay mask. However, when the paste dries, it turns back into a powder, littering your home with little bits of white dust. It's messy to use and the results just don't compare to other similar products (see TruSelf Organics Detoxifying Mask if you are looking for a much better alternative). Ineffective. 

Herbacín Wuta Kamille + Glycerine Hand Cream £3.60 / 100ML (Sample Available: £1.00 / 20ML here)
This little product took me by surprise. I have exceptionally dry hands which can easily be irritated through over washing, pot washing, sulphates, etc. and it's especially difficult to find a hand cream that is caring and protective without leaving a white cast. Cue Herbacín, a super hydrating hand cream that leaves skin silky and supple without that sticky or slippy after cast. Perfect for keeping my hands protected and well moisturised. The only drawback is the fragrance of this product is a little over perfumed. Without wanting to cause offence, it reminds me of the elderly. But, I really like it, so it stays! Effective, repurchase.
I only ever describe this product as cake for your face (full review here), as it is super spongy, yet gritty, and smells truly delicious. At 99.6% natural, you'll find no microbeads here, yet the scrub itself feels delightful to use, effectively exfoliating and clarifying the skin. After use, I have a brighter complexion with a more radiant skin tone. Effective, don't repurchase.
Primers are my ultimate tool for helping me to control oil. This is a luxuriously silky primer that has a velvet-like finish when applied to skin. Its pore blurring effects are minor, and its oil controlling abilities range from 2-8 hours cover. I liked this product, I honestly did (full review here), but it was recently pointed out to me that Benefit DO test on animals. That's a red-flag from me and I'm opting out. Avoid.
I suffer with extraordinarily dry hair. Extra-strength conditioners, leave-in conditioners, hair refreshers, you name it, I use it and I still can't combat the frizziness and dryness. This hair moisturiser is a leave-in cream that effectively moisturises hair without making it lank or sticky. It helps to control any fly-aways without leaving a trace as it seamlessly blends in. Unfortunately, the scent doesn't sit right with me. It has that typical clinical 'fresh' fragrance of a hairdresser's salon and it something that keeps with me all day long. Effective, don't repurchase.

My empties collection is now starting to dwindle. Of the 12 products listed here 10 are from my original pledge, making the current standings at 28 products left to empty.

To catch up on my initial pledge and rules about the self-directed #MissionEmpties Challenge, read the #MissionEmpties MASTER POST.

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