Saturday, 19 September 2015

The #QuarterLifeCrisis; Do I Really Want To Be Anti-Ageing In My Early Twenties?

I have a very critical, and occasionally cynical, part to my mind that refuses to see the world for black and white. Nothing is ever what it is advertised to us as. A few months back, when Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum hit the shop floors, my feed was flooded with claims that any age-fearing human in their mid-twenties needed to add pre-anti-ageing anti-ageing into their routines. Red flag; my natural scepticism kicked straight in.

This isn't to say this product doesn't work, but really, would we ever know otherwise?

It's brilliant, really. A market that never existed before, has now been created. The product created for that marked has positively unmeasurable results. How do I possibly ever quantify whether pre-anti-ageing products work? I don't. I just close my eyes, continue to fork over the £32.00 bi-monthly and hope for the best. 

Without any possible way to measure whether this product will take any visible effect on my skin, lets talk about the immediate changes, the effects I can see happening now. And you know what, contrary to my thought on this scheme, this serum does actually have some merit.
Taking 1-2 pumps of this light mauve-pink serum into my palms - which is more than spreadable enough to cover the entire face - its silky thick cream-like consistency, feels almost velvety on skin. There is an instant pore-blurring effect, combined with the pinkish tint, it makes for the perfect skin smoother.

My skin condition has significantly improved. I have a much smoother skin, with the depth of pores minimised and any scarring or permanent blemishes drastically reduced in visibility. My skin feels so wonderfully supple and delicate and the only way it could possibly described as, is... youthful. There it is. They did it.

While I can't vouch for the anti-ageing effects, the potential is there and the Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum does have immediate skin improving qualities. However, the claim to delete skin dullness and enhance skin's glow are weak at best. In fact, my skin feels almost a little duller when using this. But glow can be added through other products as skin smoothing effects like this are difficult to come by.

So, where do I stand on pre-anti-ageing? I don't. I don't stand anywhere on it. It is just too impossible to quantify the results. By the time I show signs of ageing, I have no measurable way to say whether the Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum suspended the ageing process, accelerated it, or did utterly nothing at all. Maybe I'll come back in 20 years with some answers for you.

But for now, the Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum is a delicate thick serum which helps to blur pores and smooth skin. It gives skin a youthful-esque delicacy, applied in a gorgeously velvety formula with a petite, fruity scent. Effective, repurchase.

As early-twenties anti-ageing goes, I'm still sceptical on you.

Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum is available from Origins for £32.00 for 30ML (full size). Alternatively, you can pick up the 15ML (miniature size) for £15.00. Which, if you by 2 of, actually works out cheaper for you. Go figure. 

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