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What's In The Beauty Box?

For the longest time now, I've invested in Beauty Boxes, and I find them to be the most charming and fun way to experiment with new regimes, new (or at least new to me) products and brands. As a specifically curated box - sometimes of mystery contents - their offerings often tend to be thematic; introducing you to a particular beauty method/regime/practice, a new collection of brands, or a complimentary selection of products, expertly curated to achieve results. What's more, bundling together like this usually offers a significant discount from the RRPs of the individual products. 
It started with the LoveLula Beauty Box and it grew from there. I loved receiving a little package of unknown goodies, and very often fell heels over head for products I may not have ever considered trying. From here, my love affair with all things Beauty Box blossomed. I'm hooked.

While Beauty Boxes aren't without their flaws, I have still considered them to hold high value for savers and opportunist alike. The trouble with Beauty Boxes is, different strokes for different folks must always be considered. However, when this stroke has to cover the massively variable nature of skin, it's like making sweeping strokes for all folks. Sometimes, these boxes will swing and miss. Sometimes they will be bang on. It's a gamble, sure, but one I like to invest in. 

I figure it would be responsible of me to share the contents of my boxes (from this point onwards), in order to highlight what charming little delights are available and a first-thoughts review of the goodies inside. So, without further ado, let's take a peek at some of the available boxes and why I purchase them:

LoveLula Beauty Box

LoveLula is where I do most of my shopping, and when I found out they do a Beauty Box, well, I couldn't be merrier. LoveLula's stocklist consists of a plethora of amazing natural and/or organic products, a huge number of which are certified by The Soil Association, The Vegan Society and The Leaping Bunny, allowing you to indulge yourself in luxurious safe and guilt-free products.
The LoveLula Beauty Box is delivered directly to your door on a monthly bases, featuring an average of 5-7 natural products, ranging from sample sachets, trial versions to full-size. While their monthly offerings are a random assortment of goodies, each box usually contains something for everyone.

As it's subscription based, these little loot drops are a brilliant way to experience the fun of beauty without the fuss of not knowing where to start. If you're a fan of mystery (who isn't?), this is a great way to treat yourself to a little surprise each month.

As LoveLula have an amazing stocklist of brands (full list available here), it's sometimes difficult to know where to start. The Beauty Box has introduced me to so many different brands and products that have now become solid staples in my routine. I couldn't be more grateful for the introduction as this boxes continue to flourish week-on-week.

This is the box that keeps on giving, as for each month there is a 20% discount for subscribers, for the purchase of any products from the brands featured in the box. So, if you liked one of the samples in the box, you can pick it up once more for a generous 20% off that month. Or maybe you didn't gel with that particular product, but like something else from the same brand, have that with a cheeky 20% off instead.

The LoveLula Beauty Box is a subscription box, priced at £12.50 (incl. delivery) a month. Payments are automatically taken and a 20% discount for featured brands is awarded to subscribers.

Naturismo Discovery Box

Naturismo are a natural and/or organic retailer, focusing on ethical and sustainable beauty and well-being. Their stocklist features a high calibre of global luxury brands, all of which are highly coveted. The Naturismo Discovery Box is a pay-per-box model, meaning there is no subscription needed. The products featured inside the box are announced beforehand so you can decide if you want it or not. But be warned, these things fly off the shelves, and once they're gone, they're gone. 
The Naturismo Discovery Box is expertly curated around a particular theme, their contents tailored to provide answers to particular needs. Seven seems to be the magic number here, as these boxes usually feature seven beautiful natural product from a variety of brands. This is a fantastic way to get acquainted with natural beauty brands, new beauty regimes and discover new product releases.

The boxes offer an incredible discount from the products RRP, usually containing a value of over £40.00 for just under a tenner. They are an absolute steal. As this is something I can view before I buy, I can pick-and-choose the boxes I feel applicable for my needs. These boxes do move fast, you may want to consider joining the Naturismo mailing list, or keeping an eye on their Instagram.

The Naturismo Discovery Box can be purchased, when announced, for £9.95 (incl. delivery).

Caroline Hirons Cult Beauty Box

Caroline Hirons is an expert of all things skin. Having been in the cosmetics industry as a skin consultant, working alongside some of the biggest names in beauty, she knows a thing or two about what your skin needs and why it needs it. Caroline recently teamed up with Cult Beauty to provide a care-package of everything your skin will need in its day-to-day routine (at a heavily discounted price, may I add).
The Caroline Hirons Cult Beauty Box (of which there have only been two thus far, but I expect - and hope - for this to become a regular thing) is very much a luxury box, and thus, fairly pricey. Your eyes might water at the price-tag, but the contents are near-all full-size, or at least very generous trial sizes. They offer everything you'll need to start your daily ritual. Once again, this suffers from the issue of sweeping strokes for all folks, but will aid you to understanding each step to a routine, why it's important and what it actually means.

The boxes are fully revealed beforehand, allowing you to decide if you can fork over the best part of your monthly allowance for the possible advantage of your skin. But, these curated boxes come in limited supply, so be fast and be true. Following the Caroline Hirons blog will give you a heads up, as she always provides a waiting list. If you're on the list, you get a small priority window of which to purchase the box before it goes on general sale, but this still does not guarantee you a box. A lesson I sadly learned myself.

The Caroline Hirons Cult Beauty Box is available as an when announced for a varying price (usually over £100.00).

Peace & Beauty London Samples Box

Peace & Beauty London are an artisan eco-conscious beauty, home and accessories retailer, stocking some extraordinarily luxurious handcrafted, natural and British skincare products. They recently introduced their Peace & Beauty London Samples Box to help you discover some of the incredible brands they feature at an affordable price.
While there have only been two boxes thus far, I expect this to become a more regular service. Sure, their current selection of beauty may be minimal, but every single item in their catalogue is one I wish to try or experience and a Samples Box is an affordable and fun way to do this.

The box contents are always announced beforehand, meaning you can pick-and-choose which boxes you'd like to take away with you. As a sample size, you'll receive a miniature version of the full-size products, which is just enough for you to experiment and make your mind up if you wish to follow it up with a full purchase.

The Peace & Beauty London Samples Box is available as and when announced at a varying price (history determines between £5.00-£10.00). Postage is not included in that price. 

For any future Beauty Box purchases, I will feature them on the blog, with a run-down of their contents. I will provide initial thoughts on the box and its content, but I will not provide full reviews of the products until I have tried and finished their full-size versions.

This is not a sponsored post. All Beauty Boxes were purchased with my own pennies and all thoughts are my own. 

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