Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Benefit the POREfessional; My First Dabble in Benefit

EDIT: The score for this review has be adjusted to AVOID as it has been brought to my attention that Benefit test on animals. Please see the PETA archives here. The original review, unedited, is below.

I finally decided that it was high time to dip my toes into the Benefit pool. Yep. I managed to make it to 23 years without even trying this brand. I totally get why folk be crazy for it. Its branding is just so on point. The playful product names, the witty tag statements, the just gorgeous imagery, the super luxurious packaging, the irresistible colour palettes. Let alone the content of these products, Benefit have got their branding down.

Not really knowing where to start, I figured the Benefit Best of You Kit would be a fantastic introduction. For £66.00 you get to choose one complexion, cheek and eye product from a set selection, followed by a free eyeshadow or lip product and absolutely darling make-up bag. 

For my selection I chose (the lack of correct capitalisation here is going to kill methe POREfessional face primer (£24.50 / 22ML), dandelion a brightening face powder (£23.50 / 7G), roller lash super-curling & lifting mascara (£19.50 / 8.5G) and new! ultra plush lip gloss in shade: A-lister bubblegum pink (£14.50 / 15ML). With the free lip gloss, make-up bag and 2 additional samples, I couldn't be merrier. 

Benefit the POREfessional is a super lovely luxury primer. It's a velvety little number that is extremely lightweight and versatile. It definitely helps to blur pores, but controlling oil is where it unfortunately falls short.
As per usual, I use a primer to help control oil throughout the day. As I don't wear any base make-up, I don't use this in the traditional prime-your-face-for-make-up sense. For oil control, it lack stability. Occasionally I can hit 6-8 hours without needing any touch-ups, other days it falls way short at only 2-4. The crucial note being, I always need to touch-up when wearing this product. That means blotting.

The consistency of this product is just luxurious. I generally apply with my fingertips, as it's so light and spreadable, tools hardly need to come into play. It feels like silk to touch then transforms into this divine velvet-like finish. It's incredibly light to wear, so my skin can't feel it, meaning I feel very fresh and free, ideal for everyday wear.

The primer is of a light beige/brownish colour, but this doesn't transfer to skin, in fact, it goes on perfectly translucent, that is to say, with my fair skin tone. In terms of blending, this product is just a dream. Due to its translucency, there's little-to-no blending needed. I delicately glide the primer onto my skin, and it blends in seamlessly. Its pore blurring effects are minor, but present all the same. It very subtly disguises my pores without clogging.

A minor pitfall for me, is using this product in conjunction with oils. As I have an unwavering love with oils, they have absolutely replaced moisturisers for me. Application of the POREfessional struggles here, as the oils make the surface slippy, meaning the primer can't get much purchase. It's far more effective when applied to dry skin. 

This is a perfect product when I need fast, easy oil control to cover me over shorter periods of time. It is super lightweight and super comfortable. As a luxury product, the cost does factor in. I would buy this again, Effective, repurchase.

Benefit the POREfessional can be purchased from Benefit for £24.50 / 22ML. The larger value size can be purchased from Benefit for £29.50 / 44ML.

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