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#MissoinEmpties Week 04: The Curtain Call

The #MissionEmpties Challenge is in its final week, and with it comes a whole new list of products I've managed to tick off my pledge list. On the round-up this week, we have a wonderful range of delicate and nurturing products, all of which keep sensitivity in mind.

You'll notice a sizeable amount of Bee Good products featured this week. That's because I picked up the Bee Good Bee Beautiful Gift Pack (£45.00) a few months ago, giving me the opportunity to try out (nearly) everything they have to offer, and boy, it did not disappoint.

So, for the final time, let's see what's graced my body this week, shall we?

I am terribly prone to cold sores, and, if you've ever had a cold sore, you'll know just how difficult it is to keep your lips hydrated without risking spreading the infection. Tea tree is a fantastic natural antiseptic, making it super useful to feature in a lip balm, as it helps to fight the cold sore infection while keeping the rest of the lips nourished and hydrated. This has to be my all time favourite product. It has a very balmy (clue is in the name) texture, that melts into a warm, nourishing oil. It has no greasiness or stickiness, just a smooth moisturising layer. There is a lovely inoffensive tea tree smell, making it the perfect partner when my lips are damaged or sore. Essential. 

I have a bit of a love affair with this cleanser (full review here). It has a lovely pillow-y texture that effectively clears the skin while helping retain optimum moisture levels. Don't get me started on the smell. This wonderful piece of cloud is scrumptious, hydrating, rich and refreshing. You can bet I'm bumping this thing up from Effective, repurchase to Essential.

As moisturisers go, this has to be the thinnest one I've used to date. This almost runny liquid easily glides and spreads over skin, absorbing instantaneously. Skin is left feeling light and fresh, allowing for that breathable skin sensation. It has a gorgeously sweet scent, that helps to make you feel, look and smell delicious. This moisturiser is perfect for helping any non-absorbing products to absorb. For example, with any particularly stubborn facial oils, when I apply a small amount of this on top, they sink into skin instantly. While I do love this, I think it is really rather too expensive, making it a tough purchase to justify. Effective, don't repurchase.

The 3-in-1 properties of this product include: cleansing, toning and refreshing, it can be used for any of the aforementioned. Similar to that of your typical micellar waters, it can be used to cleanse skin and remove make-up, or as a non-astringent replacement for a toner, or as a pick-me-up to help refresh throughout the day. I use this as a toner as it is very light and delicate, making it super suitable for sensitive skins. It offers an instant refreshing sensation that is cooling and nicely soothing; making skin feel fresh and clear. It's best for those more sensitive days, when skin is feeling a little delicate, but otherwise offering no real skin benefits. Effective, don't repurchase.

A considerable amount of bee-centric companies have their own gardener's hand cream, that is usually far more intensive than your average day-to-day one. This is no different. This supper intensive cream is fantastically hydrating, helping to keep hands protected. However, because it is super strength, I can only use it before bed, when I no longer plan to touch anything, as it leaves a white cast on hands, along with an almost sticky finish. The smell is pretty and fresh and my hands are left in very good care. Effective, don't repurchase.

This wonderful little oil helps to keep skin clear of blemishes while providing the utmost nourishment and hydration (full review here). This orange-green elixir can stain, so its important to fully blend in, allowing the oil to fully absorb and moisturise the skin. It's perfect for keeping blemishes at bay, and as it's completely non-astringent, it makes skin feel revitalised. Effective, repurchase.

This is one of those heavy duty moisturisers, when your skin requires something a little more powerful to protect and rehydrate. This is a balm that turns into a near grease-like texture on skin, and it will remain greasy, without absorbing. It has a bubbly consistency, that feels almost exfoliating. I find this perfect for helping to rehydrate and re-nourish after using a particularly strong face mask. It will help remove that tight, inflamed feeling, restoring my skin's balance. As always, it features that truly edible signature PureChimp banana smell. Effective, don't repurchase. 

As compliment to the PureChimp Super Face Cream (featured above), I use this facial oil to help nourish my skin when it is irritated, tight, inflamed or dehydrated. This oil is expertly nourishing, helping to restore, revitalise and care for my skin. I use this on both face and body, it will not absorb on the face, but it does absorb on the body, helping to soothe rashes and calm any inflammation. Effective, don't repurchase.

This little sachet appeared in the September edition of the LoveLula Beauty Box, I wanted to talk about it briefly as it inspired me to pick up the full size. This lovely orange-gold syrup has an uplifting and gorgeous mint fragrance. As it contains no sulphates, it doesn't actually foam, however, it still offers a thorough cleanse. My hair is left silky smooth and shiny. I honestly feel like I have advertisement-worthy hair. An absolute full purchase. Effective, repurchase.

This nutty and naturally fragranced conditioner is wonderfully conditioning and nourishing for my dry hair. My strays and fly-aways are contained, without this product being too heavy or making my hair lank/weighed down. This is the perfect conditioner to help lock-in moisture. Effective, don't repurchase.

Said to see you through a #QuarterLifeCrisis, this serum allegedly provides a pre-anti-ageing treatment (more on that in my full review here). This delicate little serum helps to improve skin condition by smoothing and redefine the skin, offering a more youthful appearance. Pores are made to appear reduced, and scarring and blemishes are diminished. While this doesn't delete dullness, it provides a much smoother complexion. Effective, repurchase.

Having spent a lifetime of holidays on Fistral Beach, Newquay, I am a big lover of ocean-fresh hair which can only be achieved by natural sea salt. While this product doesn't do much in the way of creating those beach waves, it does add a salty rough texture, which then can be styled as pleased. Applying the correct amount is key, use too much and your hair will become super try and matted, use too little and it won't take any effect. Effective, don't repurchase.

This is something I talked about a good while ago (full review here), and something I've completely changed my opinion on. I no longer like it. While it is aimed at combo skins (meaning it isn't really applicable to me), it doesn't nothing in the way of oil control. It is think and spreadable in consistency, but it doesn't exactly absorb. Nor does skin feel all that fresh, after a few hours of wearing I feel almost dirty. It's a fairly moose-cream type consistency that doesn't offer any hydration. Yet, it still features a wonderfully sweet smell, so there that is. Ineffective.

LUSH Imperiaus Facial Moisturiser £13.50 / 45G
This is a moisturiser I only use pre-exercise. As it has a light consistency, yet offers a heavy dose of hydration. This product is perfect for keeping skin moisturised while being in no-way suffocating. It's quite a refreshing product, lightweight enough to sweat through and still remain intact (full review here). Effective, don't repurchase.

I don't know what it is, clearly me and Andrea Garland don't see eye-to-eye as this is yet another product that I just can't stomach. It as been an agony to use this, and once again, the blames lies with the scent. Smelling like something in the way of used tea bag, this has a strong sharp and lingering scent. While said to help balance sebum production, this product does nothing of the sort. Instead, it makes me very oily, very quickly. It has a horrible heavy and thick consistency, that likes to sit atop of skin. While it's not all criticism, this moisturiser does effective balance my uneven skintone, helping to calm and reduce and redness. Avoid.

That's another 15 product empties, only 8 of which were on my initial pledge.Tune in tomorrow for the final tally. There will be many statistics. Don't all cheer at once!

To catch up on my initial pledge list and rule about the self-directed #MissionEmpties Challenge, please read the #MissionEmpties MASTER POST.

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