Wednesday, 30 September 2015

TruSelf Organics Clear Skin Foaming Cleanser; Relinquish The Foam Once More!

Foam. I wash my hands of it. Or, don't wash my hands, or my hair, or my face with it, as the case may be. Foaming cleansers are something that have been heavily on my avoid list for some time, and for good reason, too. As foam is usually a result of sulphates and other astringent chemicals, I figured trying an organic foam would offer the same sense of clean without all the nastiness. I was wrong. Enter saponified oils.

Saponification is the process of converting oils or fats into soap. While the process will differ from brand-to-brand, you can read an extensive overview of saponification on Dr. Bronner's An Overview of Soapmaking article or on good old faithful Wikipedia. Saponification can be used to create soft, hard and liquid soaps from a completely natural chemical reaction. All three of which can lather, offering a foaminess not too dissimilar to that created by chemical sulphates. 
Foaming cleansing agents are exceptionally powerful at removing oil, dirt, grime and anything that's generally a little tough to remove. The trouble is, when you use something that super strength on your skin, you are often at risk at removing essential oils and moisture as well. This can result in a disturbance of your skin's acid mantle, meaning your pH balance will be off-kilter. Ever wondered what that tight, dry feeling is after using a foaming cleanser? That's the disruption of your acid mantle, and that's not good.

The TruSelf Organics Clear Skin Foaming Cleanser is absolutely caustic on my skin. This sud-ridden froth lathers straight out of the pump-dispenser and leaves my skin with one of the nastiest, most uncomfortably tight sensations. It strips my skin past the bare bones, stealing away all my natural goodness and leaving me exposed and disturbed.

This liquid soap comes in a magical pump-dispenser that does all the foaming for you before you've even started. From the first pump you are supplied with a bubble mass with which you are to move around your face. It stings, oh how it stings. As you roll the soap around your pre-wetted face, the suds begin to multiply, converting you into a monstrous bubble. At this stage, my skin is already inflamed, I'm the sensitive type, I've gone beyond tingly and my skin is screaming out. There's difficulty in removal as the suds continue to breed and burst as I attempt to wash them away.

This cleanser is dangerous.

After finally removing all the foam, my skin is just outright irritated. I'm blotchy, I'm red. This isn't an allergic reaction, this is just an extremely corrosive cleanser. I feel dry now. My skin is alone and stripped bare. I layer on moisturiser on top of facial oils on top of hydrating mists, but nothing is doing the trick. My skin has been exposed and it's not something you can simply re-nourish.

This cleanser removes any nutrients from the natural barrier of my skin in an attempt to make sure I'm thoroughly clean. It's harsh, it's corrosive, it's stripping, it's skin-tightening, it's something I will be ostracising from my routine indefinitely. No. Organic does not mean skin-friendly. Foam is never, ever, friendly to my skin.

I contacted TruSelf Organics regarding the corrosive nature of their cleanser, I was told I could return the cleanser and receive my money back. How compensatory! When I brought up I lived in the UK, and the cost of return P&P would actually be greater than the worth of the product itself, I was effectively shown the door and asked to leave. It's good to see real-honest brands looking after our skins and our well-being.


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